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BAD STAR [coming soon] Short film, science-fiction, 20min.

Article from the famous French magazine, MAD MOVIES:









BLACK BLOC - A Story of Violence and Love [2014] Short film, 3min.    

Story of love and violence - documentary or fiction ? – shot among the Black Bloc(s), which the mainstream media describes as "vandals", "rioters", or "terrorists". 

This is the french version.            (ENGLISH SUBTITLES VERSION HERE)










THE MAN WHO KILLED GOD [2012] Short film, dark comedy, action, 15min.

After foreign incursion into his territory killed off the wildlife his community survived on, a young Amazonian warrior starts hunting a new prey: white men. The film was selected in 30 international festivals - in Toronto, Paris, New York, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro... - and won 10 awards. 

This is the french version.            (ENGLISH SUBTITLES VERSION HERE) 


Article from the famous French magazine, MAD MOVIES:

Interview Noé MAD MOVIES












HAPPINESS IN DARKNESS [2011] , road movie, thriller.








SAGARANA [2002] documentary, 80min.

Shot when I was 18, in the “Oro Wari” tribe in Brazil. What is the future of the young Oro Wari? Is that to live in the city, to buy a TV some Nike shoes and a Playstation…? Or to stay in their village, to keep their culture, their native language, and their traditional way of life?

(French version: No English subtitles)












BONHEUR [2002] Short film, thriller, drama, 3min.