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VIOLENCE IS COOL - low-budget dark-comedy

Two angels - arch enemies - are sent on a destructive mission to Rio de Janeiro, where the richest and most powerful people on the planet have converged for an annual meeting.   

One wants to save the world. 

One wants to destroy it. 

They’re in love.






Scream meets Battle Royale… in teen-movie/thriller about school-shootings. 

A shy and unconfident high-school student discovers that several rampage-killers responsible for shootings in schools around the world all attended his mysterious boarding-school. Suspecting that he's also becoming a killer, he begins - with his two best friend - to search for the truth…






JUST DEAD - action / fantasy / drama

In order to force God to kill him, a suicidal angel worn out by his own immortality leads a band of seven exterminating angels - paradise’s top 7 villains - into a redemptive suicide mission against God’s whole Empire.  







If Sergio Leone had made a Sci-Fi epic this would be it: "Once Upon A Time In America" in space…

Two boys born into the violence of institutional orphanages grow into adults as they are sent to the other side of the universe to fight an intergalactic war.  

And all they wanted was to find their parents… 






Resistance-teen-movie meets bloody-version-of-Peter-Pan. 

A girl quits the Hitler Youth to join the resistance alongside a band of lost children. At night during the bombings, thanks to a magical book, she leads them on adventures in a Neverland-like world. But their dreamland paradise is soon invaded by a species of dark monsters.






The story of a duel… 

The lifelong rivalry between two lawyers and childhood friends suddenly takes a political turn of international proportions when one is solicited to press charges against God… 

and the other is asked to be "God’s Advocate".